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Improve your Working Enviornments with Plants

Introducing plants to an office environment has many benefits for both employees and employers. Those benefits, both physical and psychological are evidenced in numerous scientific studies. The cost savings are significant enough for any cost conscious business owner to sit up and take notice.

Reduce Stress


Introducing plants to your working environment reduces stress. In a study conducted in 2010, significant reductions were recorded where plants were located in the office. Including;

  • Tension/Anxiety – 37% reduction

  • Depression/Dejection – 58% reduction

  • Anger/Hostility – 44% reduction

  • Fatigue – 38% reduction

Increase productivity


Productivity is known to be improved in an environment were plants are present. Cognitive tasks, concentration and focus are all improved, therefore increasing productivity within the workforce. In numerous  studies conducted it has been found that fewer mistakes are made, tasks are completed faster and, in the case of computer workers, productivity increased by about 6%. The higher level of concentration can be attributed to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air.

Reduce sickness and absence


By introducing a ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees, air quality can be improved within the office.CO2 can be reduced by 50% as well as a reduction in the dust, bacteria and mold which would otherwise be inhaled by employees.

Introducing plants to an office environment has been reported to reduce absenteeism by up to 50%, and reduce minor illness by 30%.
Reducing absence within the business not only maintains productivity, but will help to reduce the cost of absence year on year.

You’ll look and feel healthier


It has been found that plants can reduce dry skin by 20%. This means we look healthier as well as feeling better!

One lesser known advantage of plants is their ability to reduce ambient noise within an office, as much as 5 decibels. background noise, which could otherwise be distracting, is reduced allowing employees to concentrate on their work.

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